Super FMT Mortise & Tenon Jig

The Super FMT is no longer in production or available directly from Leigh.
Select authorized dealers may have stock. Please contact Customer Service at 1800-663-8932

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Leigh FMT Pro — Overview

The Super FMT Does It All

With the Super FMT and a plunge router, any woodworker can easily produce the incredibly strong and versatile mortise & tenon joint with amazing speed and accuracy. The Super FMT's design is based on the original and incomparable FMT. The same great features produce the same great joints.

Simplicity is the Key

The Super FMT uses just one bit, one guide and one setup for every standard joint. It's that easy. There are no bit or guide changes to fuss with and the setup stays the same for both parts of the joint. Joint fit is easily adjusted for perfect results every time. Super FMT guides and bits allow you to create any size mortise & tenon from a tiny 1/16" x 1/8" to a massive 1/2" x 5". 
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Infinite Joint Fit Adjustment

Joint fit is easily adjusted with the left hand guide pin. Simply turn the pin up for a looser joint and down for a tighter joint.

Easy Angled Joints

Whether you are routing a 90º joint, a simple angle or a compound angle, the Super FMT does it all with ease. Chair building is very demanding and exacting and the Super FMT makes easy work of the compound angle joints found in many chair designs.

Multiple clamp positioning holes allow clamping of the workpiece at any angle in any position.

Quick and Convenient Sighting

The removable joint aligning sight makes sighting simple, easy and accurate!

Beauty and Strength

Mortise & tenon joints routed on the Super FMT are immensely strong and virtually indestructible. This centuries-old joint is the thoroughbred of all woodworking joints and is used in fine furniture and cabinet making everywhere. See how easily you can make tables, chairs, chests, cabinets and stunning pieces like the rail and style bedside table below.


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  • Over 70 sizes of mortises & tenons
  • 21 joint guides: 1/4"set, 3/8"set and 1/2"set, (5/16" included with jig)
  • 6 specialty guides: 4 square tenon guides, louver guide set, Y-axis mortise guide
  • Max. 1/2" x 5" joint size
  • Clamp boards up to 3" thick by 5 1/2" wide
  • Single, double (tandem and side-by-side, triple and quadruple joints
  • Recordable, repeatable joint fit adjustment
  • Angled and compound angled joints
  • Works with virtually any plunge router
  • Heavy gauge rugged steel frame
  • Multi-position clamping
  • Easy and precise joint sighting
Standard Equipment
  • Universal sub-base that attaches to virtually any plunge router
  • Five 5/16" joint guides (5/16" by 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2"), which can make over 21 sizes of mortises and tenons
  • Joint guide stand
  • 5/16" HSS spiral upcut bit w/1/2" shank (Leigh No. 170-500)
  • Two F-Clamps
  • Adjustable sidestop fence for tenoning
  • 1/8" hex driver
  • Mounting hardware
  • Illustrated user guide