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D4R Pro and earlier model D-series dovetail jigs


Fine Woodworking
"Best Overall" Award
Tool Guide
Dovetail Jigs Tool Test
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Wood Magazine
"Top Tool" Award
Dovetail Jigs
Shop Test
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American Woodshop
Beautiful Dovetails
Shaker Style Secretary
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Woodworkers Guild
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Leigh Improves D4R Pro Jig
by George Vondriska
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Fine Woodworking
"Best Overall" Award
Tool Guide
Dovetail Jigs Tool Test
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American Woodworker
Well-Equipped Shop
Dovetails in One Pass
by the Editors,
American Woodworker
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The D4R Pro
to Replace D4 Jig
by Al Navas
Sandal Woods
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Making the Gold Standard "Golder" by Tom Hintz
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D4R Pro
- Or Is It
by jaxx
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Customer Comments

"I am truly stunned by the great results..."

D4R Dovetail Jig
“Today I decided to take my new Leigh D4R Jig out for a test drive. All I can say is WOW! The booklet of instructions is great. This Jig is so easy to use and simple to set up. It is very well made. I tip my hat to you. Job well done. My first attempt at the Thru DT came out OK, (I had my ins and outs mixed up) but still good. I realized my mistake and made another. It came out perfect. Thanks Leigh.”
- Robert Domulevicz, Baltimore Maryland

Leigh Instruction Manuals
“I would like to say, that in my 55 years of buying tools that I have never seen a better manual. It covers everything one needs to know about the product. Whoever put this manual together should get a pat on the back. Maybe if the tool industry looked at this manual we would have better manuals to use, but then again, it takes great pride in your company and your product to do what you have done. Thank you for giving me the chance to pass my thoughts on to you.”
- Roger Kingsbury, Riverview FL

D4R Pro Dovetail Jig
“Dear Leigh Jigs, I just wanted to drop a quick line and say how wonderful it is to own a 24” D4R Pro. Dovetails were something that I avoided due to using an inferior jig setup once in the past. I won’t name names, but it was about the cheapest thing I could find on the market. What a mistake. Recently my wife was commenting on a piece that had dovetail joinery. She asked me why I never used that kind of a joint in my projects. Well that got the wheels turning, and at that point I was determined to find a better solution. I imagined that the online videos had to be leaving something out as it seemed way too easy to make through dovetails with your jig, but I was determined to master dovetail joinery. Looking at a few reviews online, I bit the bullet and bought the jig along with the VRS and bit accessory pack. I have to say my first set of ovetails turned out amazing. I had a perfectly aligned, tight fitting set with only one adjustment of the fingers, and one slight tweak of the guide bush. Amazing. Now that our end table has much more sturdy replacement drawer, I can’t wait to see where I’ll be able to incorporate dovetails into my next project. I truly am stunned by the great results, quality of your results, quality of your product, and the quality of the bits you produce. Thank you for producing such a fine tool. You can bet I’ll be buying the other joint templates that fit this jig in the near future.”
- David Crumley

D4R Pro Metric Dovetail Jig — Customer Service
“Hi Barry! It’s very difficult for us to find someone who has a real interest in helping us understand the product. I’m a 51 year old orthodontist, and sincerely, only a few times in my life have I experienced the kind of attention received from you (and Leigh Industries). I’m sure that the products I’m buying are the best and I’m very happy for that. I have difficulty expressing because English is not my main language but I know you can understand me. Perhaps you don’t have contact with many people from Brasil but I can say thank you so much for your professionalism.”
- Luciano Tastaldi, São Paulo Brazil

D4R Dovetail Jig
“I have been making perfect joints ever since and it now is so easy to make drawers (I hated to make drawers before).“
- Jean-Paul McIntyre, Campbelton NB

D4 Dovetail Jig
“The Leigh D4 dovetailing jig has to be the most ingenious tool I have purchased to date.“
- Tom Hintz

Leigh Customer Service
“Thank you for helping me with my router problem. As time goes on, customer service seems to fade so I really appreciate your assistance. I finally spoke to a technical person like yourself (who knows their product) and found out the router I purchased did not have the correct 1/2” collet. If you already sent the parts to me, I will gladly pay for them and or send them back to you since your collet was not the problem. Without a doubt Leigh products are some of the best manufactured and it’s nice to have a manufacturer support their products!”
- Marcel Jarreau, Pass Christian MS

D4 Dovetail Jig “I have made a total of 28 drawers that I shall start scoring for bottom panels tomorrow. Then they will be assembled and finished. I can honestly tell You that the D4 jig has elevated the quality level of what my shop now can produce to a degree that I didn’t think I was capable of just two weeks ago. At the start I had to refer to the instructions for every step of the procedure. Now the book is back in its drawer. The quick refresher for each chapter is a stroke of genius that will come in handy. Another thing is the way the book is made. The spiral binding makes it very easy use. The D4 is a superior product. From now on it will now command a central spot in my shop. Thank You for your help.“
- Stig Lundberg, A very satisfied customer

D4 Dovetail Jig
“This Jig sure makes it easy.“
- Norm Abram, New Yankee Workshop

Leigh Jigs and Customer Service “Dear Leigh Industries, I wanted to take an opportunity to let you know how impressed I am with your FMT jig and your D4R dovetailing machine. I purchased both a couple of months ago and let me say this: your company really did their homework designing these jigs! I wish that all of my tools worked as well as your jigs did right out of the box! The assembly couldn’t be much easier and your instruction booklets and DVD are first rate. I wish all of the tools sold had such clear and concise directions... After 1 practice dovetail joint, I made 9 drawers and now all of my drawer joints are made with dovetail joints. They look great and the jig couldn’t be easier to use. Your customer service department was very helpful and professional and even told me how I could save money by buying from a dealer rather than from you directly. I ended up saving about $139 as a result! Thanks for being reputable in an age where that’s going by the wayside. Please feel free to use any part of this letter as a testimonial in any sales material you produce. I couldn’t be more happy with my Leigh Jigs experience and I want everyone to know it!”
- Steve Kunda, Sierra Nevada Workshop Las Vegas