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Super12, Super18 and Super24 Dovetail Jigs



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Customer Comments

"I would recommend this jig and Leigh as a company"

Super 18 Jig - First time using a dovetail jig
“I've made dovetail joints before purchasing this jig but was never completely happy with them. I always had to adjust to fit leaving different unsightly gaps. I had an important family project to make with dovetails requested so I purchased the Leigh Super 18. I received everything in the package. Carefully assembled my jig and set out to calibrate it. Made two sample joints then decided I was ready. Perfect joints the first time. Wish I'd also purchased the sliding dust collector. Maybe next project."
- Gramps, Mar 20 2016

Super12 Jig – Great
“Slight learning curve but well worth the time, instructions are fantastic.”
- Ted K, June 9 2015

Super24 Jig
“A little tricky to align but once it is set up, it can turn out high quality dovetails very quickly. I especially like the fact you can set the jig up to make irregularly spaced dovetails, unlike most other dovetail jigs.”
- Tim Petersen, March 27 2015

Super18 — Excellent Jig
“I did a lot of research into dovetail jigs before I purchased one. The jig is easy to use, the instructions are very easy to understand, the setup was very easy. I am very happy with my purchase. I have had a need to contact Leigh about some options to add to my jig, I was very impressed with the way they treat their customers. I would recommend this jig and Leigh as a company.”
- L Waller, April 5 2010

Super24 Jig — Creates excellent Craftsmanship
“My husband loves doing woodwork, I bought this for him for Christmas. Since then he has built a changing table for our newest granddaughter that she will have for a lifetime. The dovetail on the drawers is amazing and could never come apart. Furniture is not built like it used to be, and I am glad my husband can build furniture that will be around long after we are gone. I would highly recommend this product.”
- KM Fields, Aug 6 2013

Super18 Jig
“I am very happy with my Leigh dovetail jig. I set the jig up in about 45 min. The instructions were very easy to understand, and I was cutting dovetails in no time. I would highly recommend this jig.”
- Jason C, Feb 8 2008

Super18 Jig
“Want to pamper yourself with a precision machine but can't afford a new Beemer? Buy a Leigh SuperJig. Want to learn/improve workshop skills but can't find a mentor? Read the SuperJig manual. Want to develop an addiction but don't want to go to jail? Try dovetailing. PBS would have you believe that dovetailing is an ancient and mystical art practiced by Amish craftsmen using handsaws and chisels. What a delight to discover dovetailing jigs for those of us unable to spend 30 minutes on one pin and tail. Several favorable online reviews of the Leigh SuperJig and its manual convinced me to buy this rather expensive piece of equipment. It was worth it.  The manual is an education in itself and, unlike documentation for electronic gizmos, appears to have been written by someone whose first language is English. Read it carefully and repeatedly there's a lot of valuable information in there. The jig is cleverly designed and impressively constructed. Since it is not purpose built for just one type of dovetail it does entail some patience and attention during the crucial set up and adjustment stage which will require two things: 1) some sacrificial pieces of wood the same thickness as will be used for the dovetails 2) a careful reading of the manual. The jig is most versatile with a router that can accept Leigh's proprietary bushing. Some routers will accept the bushing, some will need an adapter and some will just have to be replaced, unless you're willing to use a generic bushing and omit some of the more exotic dovetail options. I had to buy a new router which added to the cost (and the fun) but have yet to try any of the exotic dovetailing. Leigh sells an accessory Vacuum Router Support that provides much needed additional support for the router and a port for your shop vac to minimize the mess. It should probably be considered essential rather than optional. My first project was a pine box for the new router. It was good practice for setting up and creating through dovetails just one of the many types of dovetails the jig can make. I wasted a bit of pine learning how to set up and adjust the jig but that's what pine's for. The second project was a pine box for the SuperJig itself. This time using half blind dovetails and, once again, chewing up some pine during the set-up/adjustment process. The third project was a cherry and maple cabinet for a stereo receiver. It used half blind dovetails again but the jig had to be re set and adjusted due to using thinner wood than the previous half blind dovetails. In preparation for this I had planed some sacrificial setup pine the same thickness as the cherry and maple. So far the process and results of creating through and half blind dovetails has been quite rewarding and well worth the time and money invested.
- Bruce K, Sept 21 2009