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RTJ400 Router Table Dovetail Jig


Woodworker’s Journal Box Joint Jig Roundup
by Chris Marshall, August 2017, courtesy Woodworker’s Journal
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Highland Woodworking RTJ400 - Product Tour, by David Picciuto VIDEO REVIEW
Woodsmith Magazine Issue No.218. © 2015 August Home Publishing Company. Unauthorized reproduction and/or distribution w/o written consent strictly prohibited. READ REVIEW
Woodworker's Journal A Closer Look at Leigh's RTJ400 Router Table Jig. Article by Chris Marshall, August 2015, courtesy Woodworker’s Journal VIDEO REVIEW
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Sandal Woods Fine Woodworking 3/16" finger joints on the RTJ400 VIDEO REVIEW

Customer Comments

"The RTJ400 jig feels GREAT!"
The Leigh RTJ400 to machine dovetails, and box joints! "I assembled the new router table, and then the new Leigh RTJ400 jig. It took only a little time to get used to the feel of the new combination of tools! The RTJ400 jig feels GREAT!"
— Al Navas, Sandal Woods, Fine Woodworking

Leigh RTJ400 "... [Routed] the half-blind DT's using my brand new Leigh RTJ4

00 jig. I've had a few jigs and this was by far the easiest to dial in."
Mike Goetzke, Sawmill Creek Forum post