Leigh Super FMT Frame Mortise & Tenon Jig

Jig Features

Precision and Versatility

When we designed the Super FMT, our goal was to combine all of the great features that made the original FMT an instant success, with new manufacturing processes and materials. Above all, the jig had to continue our tradition of quality and value. The Super FMT's rugged design and construction coupled with amazing joint making capability and long list of features, ensures precise joinery and years of use.

  1. The clamp plate is CNC punched and formed heavy gauge steel with multiple clamp position holes.
  2. All mortise & tenon workpieces are held securely with 3" capacity twist action F-Clamps.
  3. The clamp plate can be tilted up to 30° with a positive stop at 90°.
  4. Tenon workpieces are positioned against the steel sidestop fence. The sidestop fence has a positive stop at 90° and can be set at any angle up to 45° to the left or right.
  5. The sidestop fence is angled left or right for simple angle joints. Similarly, the clamp plate can be tilted up to create a simple angle. An angled sidestop combined with a clamp plate tilt produces a compound angle joint.
  6. The jig table is CNC punched and formed heavy gauge steel.
  7. The table moves on its X and Y axis and is held in position with two table position lock knobs.
  8. A removable sight is used to center the jig table over the workpiece. The sight has an embedded magnet and can be stored on the side of the jig body.
  9. Table limit stops can be set for precise repositioning of the table and perfect joint repeatability.
  10. Twenty one joint guides snap easily into the joint guide track.
  11. Guides and tracks are made with indestructible Delrin plastic for smooth routing.
  12. The heavy gauge steel sub-base can accommodate almost any plunge router with its multi-position mounting system.
  13. Tapered brass guide pins track laterally in the right guide track and in or around a joint guide on the left. Fine adjustments for joint fit (i.e .001") are made by adjusting the left guide pin up and down.

Optional Vacuum Box Attachment

The Leigh Vacuum Box Attachment is a must-have for all Super FMT users. Stay clean and avoid breathing harmful dust.