Leigh Super FMT

Frame Mortise & Tenon Jig

Routing Mortise & Tenon Joints
The Tenons
1 Select the joint guide and matching bit for the desired mortise & tenon size.
2 Mark layout lines on one workpiece.
3 Clamp your workpiece against the clamp plate and sidestop fence. Align the sight over the layout lines and lock the front-to-back limit stops against the stop post to prevent front-to-back movement.
4 Rout the tenon. All similar tenons may be routed without having to mark or sight the tenons.
The Mortises
1 Mark the left-to-right mortise center position on the mortise workpiece and clamp it roughly in the center of the table opening.
2 Snap the sight in place. Move the table left and right to sight for center and tighten the table position lock knobs.
3 Place the router/sub-base (not shown) on the jig and plunge rout the mortise.