D4R Pro Accessories

Get more from your jig, and enjoy savings too!

VRS Vacuum & Router Support


Enjoy full-width router support on your D4R Pro and a dust-free workspace.
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D4R Pro Accessory Kit

Combine a VRS with a 12-piece Boxed Bit Set for great savings!
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Guide Bushings and Adaptors

Find what you need to fit your router.
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Leigh Router Bits

Choose from a wide selection of top quality Leigh brand router bits. Buy as a bit set for savings.
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Leigh Router Bit Sets

Enjoy great savings with boxed bit sets.
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F3 Finger Joint Template

Attach the F3 Template to your D4R Pro jig or any D-series 24" dovetail jig and rout 11 sizes of finger joints — from mini 3/32" to jumbo 1". Also rout square half-blind finger joints in three of the sizes.
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Simply switch your jig’s finger assembly with the F3!

Isoloc Joint Templates

Three templates attach to the D4R Pro jig to make six unique, strong, organic style joint patterns. Stunning as inlaid joints. As easy to rout as finger joints, and even easier than dovetails.
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Simply switch your jig’s finger assembly with an Isoloc Template!

M2 Multiple Mortise & Tenon Attachment

The M2 Attachment easily fits to the D4R Pro jig, so you can rout the strongest of all woodworking joints, the multiple mortise & tenon. This joint is used most often in furniture. Rout “through” joints to add sophisticated style, and variably spaced through and half-blind “jumbo” finger/box joints.
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Simply switch your jig’s finger assembly with the M2!

Leigh Hold-down Clamps

Essential when a “third hand” is needed.

These cam-action speed clamps are known for their exceptional holding power. Mount them on any flat surface of your workbench or drill press, table saw sleds, jig and more. Learn more >
Surface anchors or threaded rods allow you to mount these clamps anywhere.