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Box Joints (Finger Joints) on the D4R Pro

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Box Joints (Finger Joints) video — Leigh D4R Pro Dovetail Jig

Box joints, also known as finger joints, are an effective and striking alternative to traditional dovetail joinery. Although the box joint is not mechanically interlocking like a dovetail, the joint is amazingly strong. Today's modern adhesives and the large glue surface make the box joint equally as strong as a dovetail throughout the life of the adhesive. Two sizes of box joints, 3/8" and 3/4" [9,5 and 19mm], are possible using the standard finger assembly of the D4R Pro, and the unique Leigh e-Bush provides the essential adjustment for absolutely perfect fit.

Here’s How

1 Use the supplied Leigh e7 guide bushing and 5/16" straight bit with your router. The guide bushing steers the router along the guide fingers.
2 All box joints are routed with the guide finger assembly in the half-blind tail mode.
3 The supplied spacer is used to space the guide fingers apart.
4 Rout around the guide fingers to form the pins.
5 The mating board is offset by the spacer positioned against the side stop.
6 Rout around the guide fingers to form the pin sockets in the mating board.
7 Fit the boards together to check the joint fit.
8 Perfect joint fit is easy with the e7 guide bushing (see diagram below).


For more detailed instructions, see User Guides and Bulletins in the Support section.