RTJ400 Router Table
Dovetail Jig – 16" (406mm)
Item no. RTJ400



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What’s Included

  • Blockers to prevent routing in the wrong openings when routing full pitch through dovetails and 3/4″ box joints
    • Bit depth gauge for half-blind dovetails
  • 24″ stop rod for limiting router travel in half-blind dovetails and positioning side stop in box joints
    • 1/2″ 8° dovetail bit
    • 1/2″ 14° dovetail bit
    • 3/8″ straight bit
    • 1/2″ straight bit
  • 1/8″ ball end hex key for jig assembly and side stop and latch adjustment
    • e10 guide bushing for your router
    • Pin wrench to adjust and tighten bushing
  • Four cam-action speed clamps for mounting work pieces to the jig
    • Two side stops for mounting workpieces, and adjustable for all joint types
  • Five double-sided quick reference instruction strips,
    inserted in top of jig