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Through Dovetails with the TD330 – Handheld Router Use

Through dovetail joinery is an extremely popular, attractive and strong way to make boxes, drawers and more. The Leigh TD330 with 12-7/8" board width capacity makes this joint quick and easy to make. Create elegant through dovetails in varying cutting depths, without having to adjust the jig.
Here's How
TD330 Use your router
1Use your router with supplied Leigh e10 guide bushing and 1/2" 8° dovetail bit. The guide bushing steers the router along the guide fingers.
To prepare for routing the tails
2Centre the tail board between the left and right combs of the template.
Clamp the tail board in place
3Clamp the tail board in place with user supplied clamps, preferably quick grip clamps.

Rotate the side stop

4Rotate the side stop until the cam touches the edge of the board.
5Rout the tail board by guiding the router in and out of each comb opening.
Rout the tail board
6Use the routed tail board to set the side stop for the pin boards.
Install the supplied straight bit
7 Install the supplied straight bit in your router.
With the pin board clamped
8 With the pin board clamped in position against the side stop, rout the pins.
Fit the tail and pin boards
9Fit the tail and pin boards together to test the fit. Joint tightness adjustment is made with the elliptical guide bushing. See below.

For more detailed instructions, see User Guides and Bulletins in the Support Section.