R9 Plus Features

Routs Joints On Any Width Board

The new R9 Plus Joinery System makes fast and accurate routing of Through Dovetails and Box joints. The Plus? The R9 Plus makes 3 sizes of Through Dovetails, all on boards of ANY width! Perfect joint fit is guaranteed and repeatable with the Leigh e10 guidebush. All this, and it works mounted on your bench with a hand held router or with your router table. Designed to keep your initial investment low, we provide the template, clamps, side stop and mounting hardware and you save by making a simple shop made beam to mount it on.

Introduction video — Leigh R9 Plus Joinery System


  • Unlimited board widths
  • Through Dovetails
    - Up to 13/16'' board thickness
    - 3 pin widths - 3/8'', 7/16'' & 1/2''
    - 2 joint pitches, 1 1/2'' & 3/4''
  • Box Joints
    - Up to 7/8'' board thickness
    - 3 sizes - 3/16'', 3/8'' & 3/4''
  • No jig adjustments
  • Joint fit is controlled by patented eBush
  • Works on a router table or with a standalone router
  • Adjustable width clamping
  • Mounts to shop made beam to keep cost low
  • Replaceable backer board eliminates tear out

Standard Equipment

  • R9 Template, machined and anodized aircraft aluminum (6061 T6)
  • 3 pin plates and template positioning technology (patent pending) (optional extras available at low cost)
  • 2 F style clamps with anti rotation locators
  • Adjustable Side Stop for all joint types
  • All hardware for beam assembly
  • No. 80-8 dovetail bit, 1/2'' x 13/16''x 8''
  • No. 160 straight bit, 1/2'' x 1-1/4''
  • No. 172-8, collet reducer, 1/2''–8mm
  • e10 elliptical guidebush for joint fit adjustment (patent pending)
  • Illustrated user guide