Cut Rounded Finger Joints

Finger joints have always been made with square-ended fingers and sockets because that's the only self-matching shape that saw blades, dados, groovers and straight bits can cut. The F1 template however, makes possible a new variety of rounded finger joint, joints which are as strong as square cut but which have their own distinctive visual impact. Thanks to the F1's rounded guide fingers and built-in adjustable router stop fence, you can produce through or half-blind round finger joints almost as easily as square, in any of the template's four guide comb sizes: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" or 1/2".

1. Configure the template for round fingers in the width of your choice and set the gray scale to the thickness of the pin board (drawer front). You'll use this one setting for finger and socket boards.

2. The router stop fence controls horizontal cutting depth into the board. Measuring scales are built into the top of the template.

3. Insert the control pin at the icon for rounded pins.

4. Clamp the pin board vertically. Set the router stop fence and rout the pins.

5. Remove the control pin, reposition the template to rout the socket board and reinsert the pin.

6. The socket board is clamped horizontally. Leaving both template scales and router stop fence in the same positions, rout the socket board.

7. Use the tapered VGS guide to adjust joint tightness. Turn the barrel clockwise to loosen the fit and counterclockwise make the joint tighter.

"The name Leigh and the term Dovetail Jig are almost synonymous thanks to the reputation established by this Canadian Machine." -Traditional Woodworking Magazine