Bits for the M2

Router Bits for the M2 Multiple Mortise & Tenon Attachment

High Quality Bits
Leigh Brand carbide-tipped router bits are among the best you can buy. They are made with high quality C2 and C3 micro grain carbide for long bit life. Each bit is honed to a fine edge with 600 grit diamond wheels for smooth, efficient routing. All shanks are 1-3/4" long to handle the thickness of the finger assembly or accessory template. Leigh router bits are manufactured to ISO 9002 standards.

Leigh recomends spiral upcut bits for all routing with the M2. The spiral upcut design routs cleaner, faster and leaves a smoother finish. Although solid carbide and high speed steel bits produce excellent results, solid carbide bits are stiffer and hold a keen edge longer than the HSS. The performance of the less expensive HSS bits is comparable to solid carbide but they lose their edge more quickly. Leigh 2 flute spiral upcut bits are Made In America.
Note: Leigh does not stock or sell metric bits.


Shank Size
The 1/2" bit included with the M2 has a 1/2" shank and fits in all standard 1/2" collets. A 5/16"(8mm) bit requires a 1/2" to 5/16" (8mm) collet reducer (see below).


Mortise & Tenon Bit Selection

Two bits are all you need for the M2. For relatively small mortise & tenon joints in boards 3/4" or thinner, a 5/16" spiral upcut bit leaves a nice, tight radius in the corners. For heavier joinery in boards 3/4" to 1-1/2" thick, a 1/2" bit cuts quickly and smoothly with a larger corner radius. All routing on the M2 requires the use of a 7/16" or 5/8" guidebush (see below).

Multiple Mortise & Tenon Bit Selection
Leigh Bits for Multiple
Mortise & Tenon Joints
Bit Diameter
Shank Diameter
Cutting Depth
Overall Length
Bush O.D.
High Speed Steel

170 *
5/16" 5/16" (8mm) 1" 3" 7/16"



180 **
1/2" 1/2" Upto 1 1/2 " 3 1/2 " 5/8"



Solid Carbide

170C *
5/16" 5/16" (8mm) 1 1/8" 3" 7/16"



1/2" 1/2" Upto 1 1/2 " 3 1/2 " 5/8"



* Bits 170/170C requires collet reducer 172-8
** Bit #180 is included with M2


1/2" to 8mm collet reducer

Required for all 8mm shank bits (70-8, 75-8, 80-8, 140-8, 170 and 170C).

Item no. 172-8


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7/16" OD Leigh Guidebush.

7/16" OD Leigh Guidebush.

Item no. 711C


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5/8" OD Leigh Guidebush.

5/8" OD Leigh Guidebush.

Item no. 716C


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