TD330 Instructional Videos and User Guide

Complete User Guide

VIDEOChapter 1: Introduction

What's Included

Jig Diagram

Units of Measure

Bit Specifications


Marking the Boards

VIDEOChapter 2: Safety

VIDEOChapter 3: The Leigh eBush

VIDEOChapter 4: Mounting & Assembly

VIDEOChapter 5: Routing Through Dovetails (on a Workbench)

Clamping Narrow Boards

VIDEOChapter 6: Router Table Operation

Router Table Requirements

Clamping Narrow Boards

VIDEOChapter 7: Guide Bushing Adaptor Selection (for Handheld Routers)

VIDEOChapter 8: Customer Support

A user guide is included with every Leigh Jig. You can print the complete pdf version or if you would like to order a hard copy version please CLICK HERE.

Additional Videos

VIDEOTD330 Overview Video

VIDEOHow to Rout Through Dovetails on the TD330

VIDEORouter Requirements Video

VIDEORouter Table Operation Video

VIDEORouter Table Requirements Video