TD330 Features

The Leigh TD330 makes great fitting classic dovetails quick and easy.

Precision Injected Molded Template

TD330 Precision Injected Molded Template

The TD330 Template is made of injection molded glass reinforced nylon, then CNC machined to precise tolerances.

Leigh Brand Router Bits

Two ½” shank Leigh brand router bits are included with Leigh Through Dovetail Jig, Model TD330: A ½” 8º Dovetail bit and a ½” straight bit. These carbide-tipped router bits are among the best you can buy, made with C2 or C3 micro-grain carbide. Each bit is honed with 600 grit diamond wheels for smooth, efficient routing.


Cutting Depth and Board Thickness

The TD330 makes through dovetails in a wide range of cutting depths from 1/8" (3.2mm) to 13/16" (20.6mm) and board thicknesses from 1/8" (3.2mm) to 13/16" (20.6mm). Join pin and tail boards of different thicknesses for drawers that have fronts that are thicker than the drawer sides.

Deep cutting depth, same thickness of pin and tail boards.

Deep cutting depth, thick pin board and thin tail board.

Shallow cutting depth, thin pin board and thick tail board.

Rout Through Dovetails in Two Simple Steps

Rout Through Dovetails

Tail boards are routed first with the included 8º dovetail bit. The TD330 will accommodate boards up to 12-7/8" (327mm) wide and from an incredibly thin 1/8” (3,2mm) up to a massive13/16" (20.6mm) thick.

Matching pin boards are routed next
Pin boards, the other half of the joint are routed next, with the included 1/2" (12.7mm) straight bit. Pin and tail boards may be different thicknesses.

Works on a Workbench, Router Table and Portable Workmate

 in a vice on a workbench
or on a portable workmate

The TD330 jig can be clamped to a board mounted in a vice on a workbench or on a portable workmate.

or on a portable workmate

When the TD330 is used on a router table, the jig is turned upside down and the workpiece is clamped to the jig.

Patented Joint Fit Adjustment

Great joint fit is easy with the included Leigh e10 eBush guide bushing.
Leigh e-bushings are covered by patents USA:US8256475 Canada:CA2611232 UK:GB2443974

Patented Leigh eBush

eBush Design The barrel of the e10 is elliptical (A), unlike plain circular guide bushings (B). When rotated, the effective diameter of the barrel changes, allowing fit adjustments as small as .001" (0.025mm).
eBush Adjustment Simply rotating the guide bushing to a higher or lower number changes the joint fit by an incredible 0.001" (0.025mm). All routing starts with the e10 in the no.5 position. Turning the e10 toward the “10” position (A) results in a tighter fit. Turning it toward the “0” position (B) results in a looser fit.

Adjustable Side Stop

The rotating side stops are used to set the joint alignment on both the pins and tails side of the jig.

User Made Beam



User Made Beam  

Clamping and Mounting

Clamping and Mounting

Workbench Operation Pin and tail boards are mounted in a vice or portable workbench. Leigh recommends quick grip clamps to clamp the jig to the board. Clamps not included.

Workbench Operation Pin and socket boards

Router Table Operation Pin and tail boards are mounted to the beam with quick grip clamps. Clamps not included.

User Made Beam

User Made Beam

The template and side stops attach to a simple user made beam of MDF or common 2x4.

Technical Specifications
Through Dovetails
A Tail Board Thickness 1/8" (3.2mm) 13/16" (20.6mm)
B Pin Board Thickness 1/8" (3.2mm) 13/16" (20.6mm)
C Board Width 1-1/4" (3.2mm) 12-7/8" (317mm)
D Pin Centers 1-1/4" (3.2mm)
Leigh D4R Pro Through Dovetail Jig specification

Bit Cutting Depth Range: 1/8" to 13/16" (3.2mm to 20.6mm)

Through Dovetails

Length: 15.75" (40cm) Length: 16-1/2" (419mm)
Height: 0.40" (1cm) Height: 6-1/2" (165mm)
Depth: 3.75" (9.5cm) Depth: 2-1/2" (64mm)
Weight: .36lbs (.16kg) Weight: 1.8 lbs (.82 kg)

TD330 Jig includes:
• Jig Template
• Two Side Stops
• 1/2" (12.7mm) Straight Bit
• 1/2" (12.7mm) 8° Dovetail Bit
• e10 Elliptical Guide Bushing
• Illustrated User Guide
• Pin Wrench
• 9 Screws

Leigh D4R Pro Dovetail Jig in the box

Your router and/or router table must accept the Leigh e10 guide bushing: Industry standard 1-3/8”(35mm).


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