18” Super18 Dovetail Jig – Metric


Super 18M

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18″ Super18 Dovetail Jig
Leigh Super Jigs have many of the same features as the Leigh D4R Pro Dovetail Jig, and offer great value. They’re available in 12″, 18″ and 24″ models to satisfy the needs of every woodworker and every budget. Rout variably spaced through dovetails and half-blind dovetails in a variety of material sizes and thicknesses in two passes, or both sides of fixed spaced half-blinds at the same time. Super Jigs can also make sliding dovetails and 5/16″ and 5/8″ box joints right out of the box.
This is the Metric version of the Super 12 Dovetail Jig. Scales are calibrated in metric measurements.

What's Included

Each Super Jig comes with:
  • Instructional user guide and registration/contest card
  • Bridge piece material
    for half-blind joints
  • Instructional DVD video
  • Stop rod and spacer for single pass half-blind dovetails
  • 1/2″ 8° dovetail bit
  • 1/2″ 14° dovetail bit
  • 5/16″ straight bit
  • 1/2″ to 8mm collet reducer
  • Spacer for box/finger joints
  • e7 guide bushing and pin wrench for joint fit adjustment
  • Sliding dovetail fence
  • Square drive screwdriver
  • Quick reference instruction strip slides out from jig base