5/16″ Carbide Tip Straight Bit 140-8


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5/16″ Carbide Tip Straight Bit
Every Leigh dovetail jig is shipped with 8mm shank router bits. They are considerably stronger and stiffer than 1/4″ shanks, allowing smoother cuts and faster feed rates with a greater margin of safety. Routers with 8mm or 1/2″ collets are required to use 8mm shank bits. A Leigh 1/2″ to 8mm collet reducer, supplied with all Leigh dovetail jigs, allows 8mm shank bits to be used in 1/2″ collet routers.

Included with D4R Pro

Additional information

Overall Diameter


Cutting Depth Range


Shank Diameter


Shank Length

1 3/4"

Overall Length

2 3/4"


Use with Guide Bushing

e7 or 711C or 7/16"