1/2″ Carbide Tip Dovetail Bit 120-500


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1/2″ Carbide Tip Dovetail Bit
In half-blind joints, pins and tails are routed with the same dovetail bit at the same depth of cut. The bit angle determines the nominal depth of cut, therefore, a bit of a given angle must cut at or very near a specific depth in order to make pins and tails fit together properly. Choose a half-blind bit with a cutting depth at least 1/8” less than the pin board thickness. Leigh offers five half-blind bits to suit board thicknesses from 1/2” to 7/8” or greater. For rabbeted or lipped drawers, choose a bit with a cutting depth slightly less than the rabbet’s shoulder depth.

Additional information

Cutting Depth Range


Shank Diameter


Shank Length

1 3/4"

Overall Length

2 9/16"



Use with Guide Bushing